Monte Cucco Cave


Monte Cucco Cave

The Monte Cucco Cave extends more than 30 kilometres and it is more than 900 meters deep. It is one of the most important underground systems in Europe and it is certainly one of the most studied caves in the world.

This unique site was only accessible to expert speleologists , and only recently (2009) it was open to the public, for a length of just 800 meters, to anyone who wishes to live an amazing experience.

This extraordinary magnificence stimulates the senses: the sound of the water slowly eroding the rocks, the smell of the mountain walls, and the sight of the stalactites and stalagmites .

The caves are known since 1551, when probably visited by the great theologian Ludovico Carbone from Costacciaro or Colonel Lodovico Santacroce from Fabriano.

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