Farm and Petting Zoo

Our farm is submerged in the green hills of Umbria, in the regional park of Monte Cucco, in a small valley where the Chiascio river runs, behind the spectacular medieval town of Gubbio.

The petting zoo is an integral part of the Fornace farm.

"La Fornace" farm

"La Fornace" organic farm extends for about 50 hectares and has belonged to the family since the second half of the 1800.

All crops are organic and are divided into cereals, forage for animals, vegetables, fruits (apples, strawberries, berries, walnuts and hazelnuts) and animal breeding: horses, laying hens, rabbits, geese, ducks; not to mention man's best friends: bees which produce delicious honey, propolis and wax.

Our main purpose is to help people get a closer look at the wonderful Umbrian country life, with its magnificent landscapes, tasty products, lush vegetation and lovely animals which make this a place full of respect, energy and love.

The petting zoo offers many research laboratories and experiential: learning to study bees and their products, studying and observing plants, learning how to create a garden and the different crop seasons, how to make compost and other uses of organic waste products.