Summer camps in the mission farm and camping Rio Verde will take you on a wonderful trip filmes with sports, nature and fun!!!

Our summer camps are the result of a partnership between "camping rio verde" and the petting zoo of our farm. The aim is to have children spend a week practicing sports, relaxing, enjoying freedom and having fun in close contact with nature and discovering its wonders.

Walks on the hills and meadows with games of observation. Trails along the Chiascio creek and sweet animals to be cuddled.

Games and basic horseback riding lessons with our ponies and horses. A beautiful swimming pool, cooking lessons and many other creative activities in which we all participate together even on rainy days.


From Monday to Saturday morning, from 9 to 17 Hours, children's participation is guaranteed! They will always be involved in plenitud of amusing activities.

Summer camps are open to all children from 5 to 12 years of age, from mid June to mid July for a stay of one week.

We offer special packages for those wishing to stay with at least one accompanying adult.

  • 9-9.30 arrival
  • 9.30-10.30 walks and recreational activities
  • 10.30-12.30 activities with horses, soccer, volleyball, etc.
  • 1pm - 1.30 pm lunch
  • 1.30 pm -3 pm relaxation and table games
  • 3pm-4.30pm swimming pool, relaxation and games
  • 5pm end

Pocket wind jacket, trekking shoes or sneakers, rain boots, pool gear (slippers, cap, towel, armbands if necessary), horseback riding equipment for those who have it.

On very rainy days outdoor activities are replaced with creative and manual entertaining activities.
  • Drawing
  • Collage, with paper, fabrics and other materials
  • Clay moulding etc.
  • Let is play in the kitchen/ cooking classes
  • Learning about animals and plants